Sneak Peak


A while back, I designed and created an original quilt block and entered it into a contest with Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine. This is a contest for designers and entries were sent from across the US. I am thrilled to announce that my block was accepted! This is such an honor. The magazine will be on newsstands and in quilt shops on Tuesday, May 6 and is also available at Barnes and Noble.

For the price of one magazine, you will receive the patterns and directions for 100 quilt blocks. What an awesome deal! I was also accepted into a blog tour and my featured date is May 1. There will be great giveaways that may be of interest to you. Stayed tuned for more details.

“Grilling Guys” and “Kitchen Couture” Aprons

I’ve been getting ready for my husband’s birthday and stitched my “Grilling Guys Apron” out of Duck Dynasty and camou fabric for him.

IMG_20140413_092242“Grilling Guys Apron” originated from a need. My daughter called and said, “Mom, my boyfriend wants a guy apron and we can’t find one.  Will you make him one?” I realized my son, the ultimate grilling guy who has won culinary awards (he is awesome at grilling and smoking meat) needed a guy apron.  At a quilting retreat, I heard a lady comment that her husband wanted a camouflage apron.

Grilling Guys Apron - Page 001_THE COVERTherefore I designed “Grilling Guys Apron”.

www gals apron - Page 001I could not leave the gals out so I designed “Kitchen Couture” apron.  Special thanks to my friend, Debbie Lane, for coming up with an awesome name for this apron.  For ordering info on these aprons, go to and click on “order patterns”.

I also wove an antler basket for hubby’s birthday with some Alaskan bark.


The following closeup photo shows the details Continue reading

Rug Hooking

I am thankful that old man winter is dying down but it’s still cold enough in the mornings to build a fire and enjoy a cup of chocolate mint tea before working on the computer at my home-based business “Camelia’s Unique Creations”. This is one of my favorite fireside chairs. Probably because I gave this chair lots of TLC and rescued it. I purchased it for $5 from an uncovered and weathered porch of a knit shop. I refurbished it, refinished it, recaned it (similar to basket weaving on the chair’s seat) and made a rug hooking cover for it. I designed the fall landscape scene for the chair seat from one of my favorite covered bridge in Giles County, Virginia “Clover Hollow Covered Bridge” built in 1916. Someday, I will publish this rug hooking pattern as well as create and publish a quilt pattern.

Rug Hooking - Page 001

Rug hooking landscape - Page 001

Trendy T-Shirts Transformed

Graduation season is only a few months away.  Need a unique and personalized gift for that special graduate?  How about a t-shirt quilt with their favorite shirts!  Transform trendy t-shirts into an awesome quilt for the fortunate recipient to enjoy for many years to come.  They will have a ball remembering where each and every t-shirt came from.  Or make one for yourself or another family member.

Trendy T-Shirts TransformedMy pattern “Trendy T-Shirts Transformed” is available in all bed sizes.

I love The Walton's!  And I had to  include this t-shirt from my visit to Walton's Mountain.I love The Walton’s and had to include this t-shirt from my visit to Walton’s Mountain!

This t-shirt has antique quilted hearts with matching socks.  I could not bear to throw the socks away.This t-shirt has antique quilted hearts with matching socks. I could not bear to throw the socks away.

I use all types of shirts, not just t-shirts.  I spent a tremendous amount of time stitching silk  embroidery by hand  to this shirt.  I put it in my quilt as well.I use all types of shirts, not just t-shirts. I spent a tremendous amount of time stitching silk ribbon embroidery by hand to this shirt.  I put it in my quilt as well.

Kaleidoscope Flower Garden

Image I am thrilled to announce the publication of my newest pattern, Kaleidoscope Flower Garden. Creating this quilt and watching the dancing kaleidoscopes come to life as they waltz across the quilt top was so much fun!  I love the traditional Bear Paw quilt block.  I designed the flower on this block with inspiration from the Bear Paw block.  After creating my quilted couch, I wanted to design a quilt pattern with the same block, available in wall hanging and all bed sizes.