Knitting Heels

I think I have finally conquered knitting heels (instead of it conquering me). That only took 2+ years……

Knit Purl Hunter KAL sock videos and instructions are the best! Thank you Michelle Hunter.


Mystery Knit Along Socks

About a year ago, I had a desire to learn how to knit socks. My great grandmother, Florence McNeil, knitted socks for the men folk. Following her footsteps has always appealed to me since I am her namesake.

I have knitted many scarves and decided it was to to expand my horizons to create something more challenging.


This is a toe up pattern.

The lovely yarn for this sock was dyed especially for Knit Purl Hunter’s Let’s Make a Teal Knit Along. This is a toe up pattern.


Working on the fancy and decorative pattern that goes on top of the foot.


Making progress! I am ready to attempt the heel–yikes! This sunlit photo showcases the detailed stitching. It was a challenge for me since this was only my second pair of socks.


Top side and heel completed. Yippee!


Bottom side with completed heel. Notice the different colored heel. I used a reinforcement yarn to help with the extra wear and tear in that area. Did you notice the white stitch line where the heel begins? This is called a lifeline and is extremely important. If you make a mistake and have to rip out your work and start over, you will know where to start the heel. Using dental floss to stitch a lifeline works well.


I love my double yarn bowl. It is pretty and most important, keeps my yarn from tangling. It was purchased at The Yarn Patch in Crossville, Tennessee.


Completed socks! They are currently being blocked.  Blockers were purchased from my local and favorite little yarn shop Wooly Jumper Yarns in Floyd, Virginia.

Special thanks to friends who guided me on knitting these socks and answering questions along the way: Kathy, Susan, and Michele (with Wooly Jumper Yarns).

Free pattern:
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