Kansas Sunflowers

My birthday in Kansas was the best ever! We were there for my niece’s wedding. I had a blast visiting with my kids, grandbabies and other family members. To top things off, the Kansas sunflowers were in full bloom. How exciting! After a fun-filled day, my sister and brother-in-law treated us to the best birthday dinner ever.

On Labor Day, traffic was backed up more than 5 miles and shut down the popular sunflower field. I am thankful that we went to Grinter Farms, near Lawrence, on Tuesday.

A few locals said they have never been here. Seriously? I would be here every year if I lived close by! This place was not on my bucket list but it certainly would have been if I would have known about it and realized how spectacular it was!

For more information, visit Grinter Farms on Facebook.

Featured Cook: Melinda Paxton

Ocassionally, I have a “featured quilter” on my blog, but today (for the first time) I have a “featured cook”. I am excited to share a recipe from my childhood friend, Melinda Holloway Paxton’s cookbook “Remember When We Cooked?” Melinda’s dad, Kenneth Holloway, was an extension agent when I was in 4-H. She and I are lifelong friends and have great memories together.

“Remember When We Cooked?” is about seven friends who met while working at an electric company as home economists. Melinda Paxton, Diane Bim, Jan Davis, Kay Davis, Connie Moyers, Christie Pare, and Gail Simmons traveled and gave demonstrations. In the cookbook, the seven ladies provide family recipes that are special to them, as well as an award winning 4-H Food Show recipe.

Melinda believes it is important to cook at home and the cookbook promotes sitting down together and eating meals as a family.

I recently cooked “Praline Chicken”. It was quick, easy, and delicious!

To order “Remember When We Cooked?” contact Melinda at mpaxton62@hotmail.com

Mountains of Music Homecoming: Sugar Run Band

We had a lovely evening at Pearisburg during the Mountains of Music Homecoming when hearing Sugar Run Band. Mike and Bonnie Johnson are members of Old Dominion Blacksmith Association. My husband and I are members too. At June’s event, we sat with them and enjoyed visiting. We discovered that Bonnie is a singer, song writer, bass player for Sugar Run Band, machinist, and blacksmith. My comment to her, “Wow! What else do you do?”


Her reply, “Cook and clean.”

Mike Johnson is a singer, banjo player for Sugar Run Band, electrician, and blacksmith.


Enjoy one of their songs at this YouTube link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl89u6Ef35M&feature=em-upload_owner Continue reading