Ode to Dad and the Handlebar Moustache

Every since I was a teenager my dad has sported a handlebar moustache. He shaved it when my daughter was about two and she was not happy. She could not talk much but she did manage to wrinkle her little eyebrows and crinkle her nose and say, “Papa, no shave ’stache!”

IMG_20140515_100806Is it just me? Are handlebar moustaches gaining popularity? I’m sure that I notice them more than most people since Dad has one but they seem to be popping up all over the place.

IMG_20140514_050256Handlebar moustache fabric.

IMG_20140514_052356Handlebar moustache bandana.

IMG_20140514_052148Handlebar moustache beads.

IMG_20140514_072327Covered book with handlebar moustache.

IMG_20140514_045943And yes, handlebar moustache drawer and cabinet pulls!

IMG_20140517_035617I’m curious to know Continue reading