Poor Farmer’s Market: Old Fashion Country Store

When visiting Mabry Mill in the Meadows of Dan area, we always have to stop at Poor Farmer’s Market.  They always carry “a taste from the past” including a huge selection of awesome produce, a large variety of dried beans, ground products from the mill, more books than you can imagine by local authors, mountains gifts, crafts, and much more.

Aren’t these October beans a pretty sight?

After being hand-shelled, these October beans sure make a fine addition to an ole timey, all vegetable dinner following a trip to Poor Farmer’s Market.

Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?

Thank you, Felicia Shelor, for such an awesome place to shop for “a taste from the past”.

Love My Local Hardware Store

Today, I went shopping with out of state guests and took them to our local hardware store. Farmer’s Supply General Hardware of Floyd, Virginia, was established in 1931. It is heated with an early 1900’s wood burning stove and is so toasty. Love those old timey stores!

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