What a Friend

A while back, I had a lovely visit with my friend, Fran T. She showed me a quilt she was working on and didn’t care for.  She asked if I wanted it.

Fran and Camelia's quiltWow–what a friend!  Of course I wanted it.  The quilt was blue and yellow, perfected matched my quilted couch and living room decor.

Quilted couch with copyrightFran pieced the strips (1600 inches quilt), I added borders, had it quilted, then I stitched on the binding.  Thanks Fran, for being such a good friend!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all those awesome mothers’ out there!  I’m not much of a flower gardener, but my beautiful flower creations come through photograph, quilting and blacksmithing. Happy Mother's day - Page 001

I hope you enjoy the kaleidoscope flower arrangement I have created from photos I took of pansies.  Someday, I hope to carry a line of fabric with the various kaleidoscope flower arrangements I’ve created with azaleas, wild azaleas,  tulips, dogwoods and pansies.





Painting a Barn Quilt Block (part two)

Last week, I took a Barn Quilt Painting Class at our local art center.

There were over one-hundred patterns to choose from but I already had my eye on an intricate quilt block, “Farmer’s Fancy”. I hope you enjoy seeing our progress while making this block.

Everyone who took the class had been trying to figure out how to paint a barn quilt of their own. I’m just curious—have you ever had a desire to paint one or do you wish you had one?  If so, I’d love to read your comments.

Most of the students who took the class don’t have a barn to hang their quilt on. One will be hung on a woodshed, another on a springhouse and ours will be displayed above the garage door.

IMG_20140416_023352This awesome man is my husband and he’s such a good sport to always tote and carry my stuff!





IMG_20140416_021104Jim, the “official taper”, was a big help.

IMG_20140416_015813This block is not finished but will be awesome!  I had more fun than should be allowed at the Barn Quilt Painting Class.
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Painting a Barn Quilt Block (part one)

On numerous occasions, we have enjoyed traveling the breathtaking, winding roads of West Virginia, to see picturesque country landscape scenes along the Barn Quilt Trail. Last fall my husband asked, “What do you want for your birthday?”

I replied, “A barn quilt”. Neither one of us knew how to go about getting one. I’ve heard of them selling for up to $800. I considered painting one but was unsure about what products to use. I wanted to be sure my barn quilt would last after spending all that time painting and didn’t want to attempt making one until researching the correct products to use.

Recently, I heard about a Barn Quilt Painting Class at our local art center.  Not one to dally, I signed up immediately. The teacher, Bonnie Schropshire, traveled from North Carolina for the class.  She was a great instructor and I still can’t believe she drew our quilt block pattern for us before class!

It was great fun to see the progress of my fellow students’ work. I have taken many classes but the camaraderie among those in this class was extra special. Most students were quilters and we all had something in common—everyone had been trying to figure out how to get their hands on a barn quilt they could call their own.

The chattering ladies planned and talked about a future “barn quilt trail progressive dinner” visiting each other’s homes and seeing our barn quilts hung in all their splendor and glory.

I think you will enjoy the following photos portraying students’ color schemes and barn quilt blocks created by these talented ladies.

IMG_20140416_022205Educational and Gallery Programming Director of the JAX painting her barn quilt block.







Enjoy the teacher’s spectacular class samples below. IMG_20140416_023127

IMG_20140416_022642Did you notice how the teacher outlined her blocks?  It really added a nice touch to finishing out the quilt block.

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Barn Quilt

I don’t think I can find the adequate words to express how excited I am about our upcoming class on painting and constructing a barn quilt!  I have wanted to do this for quite some time but didn’t know the exact steps to take for such an overwhelming project.  Here is a photo of the barn quilt that we’ll attempt to paint.  My husband and I absolutely love winding through the picturesque mountains of West Virginia to see barn quilts dotted across the country side.  Union County, West Virginia has over sixty barn quilts with more being added constantly.  The photo that I’ve posted is my favorite.  I’ll be posting more photos that will tell the story of our progress while painting our barn quilt.

Amy landscape - Page 005Jim stands in front of my favorite barn and barn quilt on a West Virginia Barn Quilt Trail, also known as Monroe County Rural Heritage Quilt Trail.

Amy landscape - Page 004Close up of the quilt block we will paint.  This will be an overwhelming project but Momma always said, “You can do anything you put your mind to” and she also said, “Can’t never could do nothing”.  So I’m going for it!