Tapping Maple Syrup

My sister and brother-in-law recently visited from Kansas.  We always gallivant when they are here and spend time on picturesque Blue Ridge Mountain winding country roads.  One day, we ran across an awesome sight—some folks were tapping maple syrup!  My brother-in-law, Larry Tedford, took this photo with my camera.IMG_20140303_110006_611 smallA few years ago, we took a step back in time when attending Highland Maple Festival in an area known as “Virginia’s Switzerland.”  What a beautiful place with breathtaking mountain views!  The annual event was designated a “Local Legacy” by the Library of Congress in 1999.

Photos taken at Eagle’s Sugar Camp.

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Blog Maple Syrup Fest_portrait - Page 004

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Free Decorative Pillowcase Tutorial

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Whether you wish to participate in the American Patchwork and Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge (http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/millionpillowcases/) or make an awesome gift for someone special, here is my free pattern and a easy to follow tutorial with 23 photos.  Instructions included for travel pillow.

Fabric Requirements

Main fabric – 1 yard
Outside border – 1/3 yard
Trim – 1/4 yard
Standard size pillow case


Abbreviations used:
Width of Fabric (WOF)
Right Sides Together (RST)
Wrong Sides Together (WST)

Cutting instructions:
Pillow case body, cut 27” X WOF
Outside border, cut 9”–10” x WOF
Trim, cut 2½” x WOF

Seams are ¼” used unless otherwise indicated.

Lay outside border flat on ironing board.

Lay outside border flat on ironing board, right side up.

Lay main fabric on top of border then place trim on top of main fabric. Note: trim should be folded in half and pressed.

Lay main fabric on top of border. Fold trim in half WST and press, then place on top of main fabric.

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Presentation at Farmgirls & Feedsacks

Last week, I gave a presentation on Goal Setting to the gals of Farmgirls & Feedsacks, a chapter of Mary Jane’s Farm® magazine, at the Floyd Country Store.  We had a great time.  Love those country women!

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Love My Local Hardware Store

Today, I went shopping with out of state guests and took them to our local hardware store. Farmer’s Supply General Hardware of Floyd, Virginia, was established in 1931. It is heated with an early 1900’s wood burning stove and is so toasty. Love those old timey stores!

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