“Grilling Guys” and “Kitchen Couture” Aprons

I’ve been getting ready for my husband’s birthday and stitched my “Grilling Guys Apron” out of Duck Dynasty and camou fabric for him.

IMG_20140413_092242“Grilling Guys Apron” originated from a need. My daughter called and said, “Mom, my boyfriend wants a guy apron and we can’t find one.  Will you make him one?” I realized my son, the ultimate grilling guy who has won culinary awards (he is awesome at grilling and smoking meat) needed a guy apron.  At a quilting retreat, I heard a lady comment that her husband wanted a camouflage apron.

Grilling Guys Apron - Page 001_THE COVERTherefore I designed “Grilling Guys Apron”.

www gals apron - Page 001I could not leave the gals out so I designed “Kitchen Couture” apron.  Special thanks to my friend, Debbie Lane, for coming up with an awesome name for this apron.  For ordering info on these aprons, go to http://www.cameliaelliott.com and click on “order patterns”.

I also wove an antler basket for hubby’s birthday with some Alaskan bark.


The following closeup photo shows the details in the basket.  The two brown barks are the ones from Alaska.


2 thoughts on ““Grilling Guys” and “Kitchen Couture” Aprons

  1. Debra says:

    Now that’s what I could make at quilt camp!

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