Mountains of Music Homecoming: Sugar Run Band

We had a lovely evening at Pearisburg during the Mountains of Music Homecoming when hearing Sugar Run Band. Mike and Bonnie Johnson are members of Old Dominion Blacksmith Association. My husband and I are members too. At June’s event, we sat with them and enjoyed visiting. We discovered that Bonnie is a singer, song writer, bass player for Sugar Run Band, machinist, and blacksmith. My comment to her, “Wow! What else do you do?”


Her reply, “Cook and clean.”

Mike Johnson is a singer, banjo player for Sugar Run Band, electrician, and blacksmith.


Enjoy one of their songs at this YouTube link: Continue reading

Mountains of Music Homecoming: Whitetop Mountain Band

For the past week, we have enjoyed Mountains of Music Homecoming along Southwest Virginia’s Crooked Road.


To start things off, we heard our favorite bluegrass band, Whitetop Mountain Band, at Chateau Morrisette.


My favorite part was at the end when Martha and Debbie danced. Debbie thought she was finished dancing until a gentleman in the audience joined her for some flat footin’. To see movie, go to:

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