DIY Peeble Tile Project

We purchased a fixer upper and the current project involved flooring under our wood burning stove. Our gorgeous rock wall had been completed and it was time to install peeble tile on the floor.

The first step was to lay out the tile to make sure all peebles fit together and lay flat and that there were not too many of the same colors side by side.

The first row was the hardest. We had to add rocks on the sides. It was similar to working a puzzle and fitting pieces together.

We made sure to have plenty of rocks in different sizes, shapes, and colors to fill in the gaps.

Over half way there!

The floor was taking shape and we love it!

It reminds us of a river bed. We could not be more pleased with the way this project turned out!

My job involved: design, color, arrangement, geometry, and final touches.

One more step–grouting after mortar dries.

Time to call it a day! After grouting, let the painting begin.