Blizzard 2017

Enjoy my winter wonderland photos from the January 6-7, 2017 blizzard. We received approximately 7-8 inches.


A Fun Day At Basket Weaving

Now that Christmas has past, I am looking through photos and reflecting on a fun day of basket weaving with the gals of Tightly Basketry Guild of the NRV. We had a great day weaving darling little ornaments.

Special thanks to our fearless leader, Deezie Nelson, for weaving an ornament for all of us!

I made this one and the other two.

I have always wanted to put a yoyo and button on a basket. I think it turned out cute!

A fun day was enjoyed by all weavers!

Beautiful Christmas Trees (Inn at Virginia Tech)

Beautiful red cardinals, the Virginia state bird.

Best Wishes Flowers and Gifts.

Radford Health and Rehab Center.

The Orange Bandana.

Smithfield Plantation.

Project Linus.

 Virginia Quilting Museum.

Quilt next to the Virginia Quilting Museum tree.


Hometown Appraisal Services Inc.

Matt Hagan Outdoors.

Ornaments From Bygone Years

Commemorative fife and drummers of Colonial Williamsburg.

Cross stitched ornament from an exchange and gathering of quilters.

Thirty-five years old and purchased when I was expecting our first child.

Beautiful glass dragonfly from a dear friend.

Ornament from an exchange and gathering of quilters.

Beautiful glass columbine (state flower) from a dear Colorado friend.

From sister-in-law, Jill. Popcorn, hand strung, by our son over twenty-five years ago.

From sister-in-law, Jan. Hand painted from the inside.

Hand-smocked by my kids twenty-five years ago.

I hand-smocked this one and the next two ornaments.

“Silent Mice”

Christmas Craft Project

My friend, Hilda Collins, lead our Farm Girls and Feed Sacks group in creating a Christmas craft project in November. I put mine on the tree and think it is really cute! It was simple and kids could make it for teachers or grandparents.

Supplies needed: small jar, glue, decoration with adhesive backing (optional), sponge paint brush, ribbon, salt, disposable bowl and tealight candle.

Directions: Put decoration with adhesive backing on jar (optional), use sponge brush to add glue, put salt in disposable bowl and roll jar in salt. Set aside to dry. Add ribbon on outside and tealight candle inside.


Latest Basket

This little basket was fun to weave. I am a blue person so this one makes me smile. I love covered bridges and purchased this painted base and blue leather handles at the Texas Basket Weaver’s Convention in Austin, Texas. Special thanks to friends in my basket weaving guild (Tightly Woven Basketry Guild of the NRV) for sharing smoked colored reed 🙂 This is my first basket to use this color and I love it!

Poor Farmer’s Market: Old Fashion Country Store

When visiting Mabry Mill in the Meadows of Dan area, we always have to stop at Poor Farmer’s Market.  They always carry “a taste from the past” including a huge selection of awesome produce, a large variety of dried beans, ground products from the mill, more books than you can imagine by local authors, mountains gifts, crafts, and much more.

Aren’t these October beans a pretty sight?

After being hand-shelled, these October beans sure make a fine addition to an ole timey, all vegetable dinner following a trip to Poor Farmer’s Market.

Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?

Thank you, Felicia Shelor, for such an awesome place to shop for “a taste from the past”.