7 Day Art Challenge: Day 3

I started this pineapple quilt years ago (over a decade ago). I am happy with the way it is turning out. It will take a while to finish since it will go on a king size bed!


The fabrics that I used are feedsack reproductions. When mills realized that women were making garments for their children and curtains from feedsacks, they started using flowered fabric for the sacks. This tradtional started during the great depression and lasted into the 1950’s. Many quilters love feedsack reproduction fabrics.


Notice the hangers in the background? This is a great way to organize strips of fabric. They are wrinkle free and you can see the next color you wish to stitch into a block. Another tip is to store and carry your blocks in a pizza box. It will keep them nice and pressed until you are ready to sew again.