Kansas Sunflowers

My birthday in Kansas was the best ever! We were there for my niece’s wedding. I had a blast visiting with my kids, grandbabies and other family members. To top things off, the Kansas sunflowers were in full bloom. How exciting! After a fun-filled day, my sister and brother-in-law treated us to the best birthday dinner ever.

On Labor Day, traffic was backed up more than 5 miles and shut down the popular sunflower field. I am thankful that we went to Grinter Farms, near Lawrence, on Tuesday.

A few locals said they have never been here. Seriously? I would be here every year if I lived close by! This place was not on my bucket list but it certainly would have been if I would have known about it and realized how spectacular it was!

For more information, visit Grinter Farms on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Kansas Sunflowers

  1. Quiltmouse says:

    LOVE the sunflowers. Squirrels ate ours before they fully bloomed. 😦 Well at least they were well fed. Looking Good!

  2. Happy birthday! And what beautiful sunflowers!!

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