DIY Bird Feeder

I have always been enamored by baskets that are woven around wire. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out this technique.


A friend’s husband was pruning their grapevines and she was gracious enough to call and let me know.

First step: to wrestle the grapevines into a huge box that barely fit into my car.

The thought of using reed spokes for the base had crossed my mind but I felt this would not be strong enough. I had the idea to use a curved wire wreath base so there would be a place for the sunflower seeds to fall, as well as a place for the birds to perch.

I wondered if I could find a tall circular wire tube to hold the sunflowers but did not have any success finding such a thing. So I strolled the aisles of Michaels and kept looking for something.


I happened upon this decoative bird cage. Perfect! And the wire wreath base proved to be an excellent fit.


I talked my friend, Judy, into making a bird feeder with me. Back to wrestling grapevines.


Base is woven and finished. 


Birdhouses are woven and ready for sunflower seeds. They are loosely woven with gaps, allowing seeds to fall out plus birds can peck through the gaps for seeds.

It was a labor intensive day of weaving. Grapevines are thick and hard on hands to work with.


Judy and I are please with the end result, our one-of-a-kind birdfeeder!

Total cost:

Items were purchased at Michaels. Bird cages were on sale and half price, $10. Wire wreath was $3.

I am a happy camper to get the huge box of grapevines out of my garage and to create a unique bird feeder for my feathered friends!

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