Virginia Declared a State of Emergency

We are bracing ourselves for a “historic” blizzard. Previous predictions of eighteen inches of snow, have been officially updated to three feet. Time will tell.


Hubby has brought in lots of wood for the wood burning stove. I have hand-picked “wood burning stove friendly” recipes and ready to cook on “old faithful” if and when the electricity goes out.

Bread aisle at local grocery store (Slaughters).

Hubby says it is nice to be married to a quilter with lots of “hand stitched warmth” to cover up with.

I purchased more paint at Lowe’s and hope to get a lot accomplished on our current remodel job!


Yesterday was gorgeous. I ran errands without wearing a coat. It is hard to imagine that today we are facing a “historic” blizzard!

According to WTOP in the DC area, we can expect major disruptions of travel to continue Sunday, Monday and possibly Tuesday (thanks Kimberly Futch for the info).

I wonder if this blizzard will be worse than the one we had on February 12-14, 2014? Highest accumulations in the US were in our little town of Pilot, Virginia totaling 28.5 inches. To read all about it and see photos, check out my February 2014 blog post.

4 thoughts on “Virginia Declared a State of Emergency

  1. All bundled here too i might get more than you, but you are further off the beaten path than we are! Stay warm and safe and keep sewing…

  2. Yea mam thats right.. finished the top for a car seat size. .

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