Virginia Blizzard: Day 1

It is the first day of the predicted east coast blizzard.


Early morning snow is piling up on the deck railing.


First things first: filling jugs with water. We live in the country and will not have access to water from the faucet if (and when) the electicity goes out, which is highly likely. Even if you live in the city and can get water from the faucet, if the electricity goes off you should have extra water on hand in case the pipes freeze. We store our extra water on the basement steps.


Second goal of the day: to chop veges in the food processor, while we still have electricity. Add home canned carrots and potatoes. It is simmering in the crock-pot and smells heavenly. If need be (and the electricity goes out), it can easily be moved to wood burning stove to finish cooking.


Noon accumulation update: 13 inches.


The birds are happy that hubby fed them yesterday when we could still get out the door. The big bird feeder is their favorite and even though it is old and looks pretty rough, I doubt that we will ever be able to get rid of it since they love it so much.


Burning a huge log that we have saved for an occasion, like today.


3:00 PM accumulation update: 19 inches. I am not sure what the weatherman says but this is what the yard stick on our back porch says! Our back door is piled high with snow and we can barely open it.
Sharing my yummy recipe.
Cabbage soup is ready!

One thought on “Virginia Blizzard: Day 1

  1. You got way more than we did.. we shoveled 8″ off the deck earlier andvtheee is another 4 or 5 now

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