Concord Grapes

What a breathtakIng day to process concord grapes!


There is nothing like being kissed by the dew from an early morning fog nestled amongst the mountains.


This year yielded a beautiful crop of grapes–thanks to friends who share!


After taking the grapes off the stems and washing them, it’s off to the canning factory we go!


We used the majority of grapes to can homemade grape juice.


Then cooked and ran the rest of the grapes through the juicer to remove seeds and skins.


The next step is to strain the juice and can it, to make homemade grape jelly at a later time (it’s to die for!).


We returned home to the most amazing sunset. It was just as glorious as the morning fog!


Enjoying the fruits of our labor. There is nothing more refreshing and delicious as the treat of an ice cold glass of homemade grape juice! Isn’t the color beautiful?

I can just invision some wool or basket reed died that color, but that’s a project for another day.

3 thoughts on “Concord Grapes

  1. Cynthia says:

    I grew up with Concord grape arbors in my back yard. This brought back great memories of making jelly with them with my Grandma

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