Basket Weaving Series: Amazing Baskets

Today, I am posting photos from Texas Basketweavers Association 2015 Gathering. As I walked around and visited with fellow weavers, I had fun seeing what projects these talented folks had created.


An exceptionally beautiful leather purse, beaded and stitched with Alaskan bark by one of Pam Talksky’s students.


This basket is amazing and I would love to make one somday!


Cute little woven spray water bottle.


Adorable scissor caddy.


Darling little itsy bitsy basket.


Earring with amazing detail.


An extremely small earring like this one would take lots of patience!


Beautiful details on a basket in progress.


In progress of creating an amazing rim.


This finished corner basket is so pretty.


Combination of basketweaving and quilting creates a striking basket. This was in the Bittersweet Baskets and Supply vendor booth.


A basket with a painted base is so amazing. This was also in the Bittersweet Baskets and Supply vendor booth.


Awesome miniatures in the Nate’s Nantuckets, Inc. vendor booth.

A woven basket that I wore to the gathering. This is actually a double wall.

Another woven basket that I wore to gathering.

This concludes my basket weaving series. I hope you have enjoying the posts as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

My next blog posts will consist of a pecan farm and touring the Texas Hill Country Bluebonnet Trail. You will not want to miss the spectacular upcoming photos!


3 thoughts on “Basket Weaving Series: Amazing Baskets

  1. Cynthia says:

    These are phenomenal! Such creativity and craftsmanship. so glad you shared!

  2. Mary Dunbar says:

    Where are the names of the artists who made the baskets you showed? We need to be sure to honor our own.

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