Basket Weaving Series: Day 4

This blog post makes me chuckle. Did you notice how many photos I took on day one of basket weaving convention? I posted six photos on day one, five photos on day two and three photos on day three. On day four, I didn’t even take one picture of my basket weaving progress!
imageBasket weaving convention is an awesome event but it is labor intensive too! I’m up with the chickens, weaving all day long and don’t make it to bed until late. Saturday is extremely intense but a fun day. After basket weaving all day long and after dinner, there is market place where we can buy supplies from the teachers and vendors. After that, the silent auction and raffle items are distributed. I did not make it home until late. By Sunday morning, I was really dragging.

The below photo of my unfinished basket was taken after convention. I was totally exhausted after four days of glorious basket weaving!

The basket’s name for my fourth class was Fandango and it was taught by Candace Katz. The weaving techniques include continuous chase with seagrass and dyed reed, triple twining, and wrapping the handle using seagrass with the dyed reed added for interest. 

The next two blog posts will consist of beautiful contest entries and other basket projects that I saw at convention.

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