Basket Weaving Series: Day 3

The name of this basket is Harvest Gold Storage. It is woven on a wood base. This step of the basket, adding spokes to the base, always reminds me of a big spider.


The bottom portion of the basket uses two colors of reed to give a checkerboard effect.


The mid-section of the basket is woven with space dyed reed. I love the fall colors. It reminds me of Virginia trees.

More rows of checker board are woven at the top and it is embellished with handmade handles.


I did not finish the basket in class. At a later time, I will finish the rim and stain the basket. I am pleased with the end result and as you can see it matches my colors well!

Julie Kleinrath of Colorado taught this class.

2 thoughts on “Basket Weaving Series: Day 3

  1. Quiltmouse says:

    Love your baskets! You always seem to get so much done at these workshops! Even with this one not finished it is beautiful!

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