Basket Weaving Series: Day 1

I am excited about my new blog series on basket weaving.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a convention with the Texas Basket Weavers Association. I always look forward to an annual convention. It is the ultimate experience for a weaver to gather with fellow basket lovers who have a common interest. We spend four intense days weaving our hearts away.

On Thursday, I took a class from Candace Kats. I choose this class for several reasons: my love for curly qs and the color of the basket.


The handy dandy green gizmo under the base of the basket was in our goodie bag. I would especially like to thank the person who took the time to create this guide for us. It was a tremendous help in keeping our spokes equally dispersed.


The pot belly of the basket is taking shape.


I love the colors of this basket. The top section is defined and sandwiched in between several rows woven with natural round reed.


Finally to work on the rim. Candace shared her easy technique of using two lashing tools to make things easier.


My favorite part! Adding the cute little curly qs. It was easier than I anticipated.


I think the finished product is darling. I adore tie ons and this one was purchased at Bittersweet Baskets and Supply

It may not be the perfect scale but I love it anyway.

Join me on my next blog post for day two.

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