Fall Foliage Series: Barns and Beautiful Buildings

There is something about an old barn with a breathtaking background. Don’t you just love them? Today, I am sharing fall photos of barns, churches, gristmill, log home and old homeplaces.

1Barns_landscape - Page 001Historic Wimmer Mill on our road.

3Barns_landscape - Page 003

2Barns_landscape - Page 004

4Barns_landscape - Page 005

5Barns_landscape - Page 008

6Barns_landscape - Page 009

7Barns portrait - Page 002Beautiful historic church in Newport, Virginia (Giles County).

8Barns portrait - Page 003

9Barns_landscape - Page 002My great grandmother, Florence McNeil, loved to “go to meetin’” and in her late seventies she walked nearly ten miles to attend services or revivals at this outdoor campmeeting site on the right. She carried a lantern to light her way when darkness “set in” on the trip home. Sometimes my father, Howard McNeil, her grandson, walked with her to church. Dad thought so highly of his Grandma Florence, that he named me after her.

10Barns_landscape - Page 006The log home on the right was built by my great great grandfather. Imagine building a two-story home with hand-hewn pine timbers gathered from part of the family’s 1200 acres of land. By mixing small chiseled pieces of chestnut shims, hog hair, and mud, James Ireson McNeil created mortar-like chinking to place between the pine logs. He strategically placed a large fireplace upstairs, a small fireplace downstairs, and covered the roof with wood shingles. In 1848, he completed the log home built for his bride, Lydia Smith.

12Barns portrait - Page 001“Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.”

On crisp autumn days, leaves with vivid hues of

Crimson red, luminous orange, golden yellow,

Radiant green, and lucent burgundy

Drift gently to the forest floor.

13Barns portrait - Page 004My grandparent’s corn crib.

14Barns portrait - Page 005The woodshed at my grandparent’s homeplace.

15Barns portrait - Page 006Yesterday, December 20th, was the last official day of fall. This concludes my Fall Foliage Series. I hope you have enjoyed my photos. I have received great pleasure taking them and sharing them on my blog.



2 thoughts on “Fall Foliage Series: Barns and Beautiful Buildings

  1. aroma3822 says:

    These are such beautiful photos….I especially appreciate the stories and explanations with them. Thank you so much for sharing.

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