Fall Foliage Series: Buffalo Mountain Hike

In October and November, I set aside time to take advantage of Virginia’s spectacular fall foliage and took numerous photos—nearly 2,000 to be exact. It has taken quite some time to organize and categorize my photo shoots. Since it is officially still fall, I will be sharing those photos on my blog and Facebook posts.

I am so excited about my hike up Buffalo Mountain! I have wanted to do this for a decade (literally). It has been on my bucket list but every time I planned it, some major things happened to postpone it (strep throat, broken leg).

I am so thankful that my friend, Francine and my cousin Tibby and a few of her friends joined me on Oct. 22. What an awesome day! The colors were at peak and we didn’t have rain to contend with.

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 001

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 002

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 003

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 004

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 005

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 006The hike took about four hours.

Buffalo Mountain Hike_horizontal - Page 002Cousin Tibby said “the hike was a breeze” but that would not be my definition! Doable? Yes. Easy? No. She bounced up the mountain like a gazelle! I heard that it used to be much harder to hike to the summit before the trail was worked on.

Buffalo Mountain Hike_horizontal - Page 001Francine hiking nature’s stairway to heaven……

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 007…….in fashionable hand-knitted socks that she made!

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 008

“I finally made it! Conquered that mountain!”

We spent time on the mountain top taking in the beauty. While at the summit, a jet whizzed by and we were higher than the jet!

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 009Camelia Elliott and Francine Leclercq.

Buffalo Mountain_vertical - Page 010Cousin Tibby Martin and Camelia Elliott.

Buffalo Mountain Hike_horizontal - Page 003Francine enjoying a beautiful fall day.

Buffalo Mountain Hike_horizontal - Page 004Camelia in a hollow tree trunk.



4 thoughts on “Fall Foliage Series: Buffalo Mountain Hike

  1. Rochelle says:

    What beautiful country you live in. Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos and congratulations on completing one of your goals on the bucket list!

  2. Anna Handy says:

    The pictures are awesome Camelia. I love the picture of my sweet sister. Next trip I’,m in…..

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