Dewdrop Spider Web in the Fog


Other than granddaddy long legs, I try to avoid spiders but dewdrop spider webs on a foggy mountain morning are beautiful! I can walk around our property and they are everywhere. They are in every crook and crevice of the porch. Seeing dewdrops on spider webs is like hitting the bold button on my computer. It really defines and emphasizes the woven mass.


Speaking of granddaddy long legs, here is one crawling on a crock on the porch.

2 thoughts on “Dewdrop Spider Web in the Fog

  1. quiltingmod says:

    The web is beautiful, but I am certain my son would want to keep his distance from that orange guy with the long, skinny legs.

    • From what I understand, they do not have venomous fangs like most spiders so I don’t have as much fear of the granddaddy long legs as I do other spiders. But, even so, I’m certainly not going to let them walk in my hand!

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