Canning Factory

What’s a lady to do when there is so much produce to can but not enough time? Go to the canning factory! The pressure canners are huge, about three foot wide by four foot tall. Many jars will fit in this contraption–more than you can physically fill with produce. Everything is pressured in one canning session not numerous cookings like it would take at home.
Sterilizing jars was quick and easy at the canning factory.
Skins and cores had been removed, tomatoes had been chopped in the food processor and when it was all said and done, this five gallon bucket of tomatoes was filled to the brim. I canned homemade pizza sauce, stewed tomatoes, and whole tomatoes for Jim to eat with crackers. I feel good about canning all of this low sodium, heart healthy food!
I also canned bell peppers to go in stews, meatloaf and other recipes.
This place is really hot, with sweat dripping in places where I didn’t even know I had sweat glands, but the rewards are worth it!
A beautiful area behind the canning factory makes for a nice brown bag lunch. There are no restaurants in this tiny town, so bringing lunch for an extra boost of energy is important.
To set up an appointment appointment at the Callaway Cannery,  call 540-484-1966.
On the one-hour drive home, I stopped at new little bakery on route 221 between Floyd and Roanoke. Not only do I want to support a new, local, small, woman owned business (Copperhill Cakes and Goodies  LLC, 540-651-KAKA) but a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips really hit the spot after a hard day at the canning factory! Their covered porch, adorned with ferns and cushioned chairs, was a delightful place for some much needed rest and relaxation. If you are ever in the area, stop by. You won’t be disappointed.

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