Featured Quilter: Lynne

During the month of April 2014, I’m featuring the talented quilters who attended Camelia’s Quilting Retreat.  You will see firsthand the spectacular quilts and other projects completed.  It is amazing how much the ladies accomplish during the four-day quilting retreat!

Lynne has attended my retreats since 2010. She travels from the Southeast Virginia. I love to see her newest projects and hear about the fabric and supplies she buys from one of my favorite quilt shops, Quilt Lizzie, in Warrenton, North Carolina. Over the years, Lynne and I have bonded and developed a close friendship.

Lynne Landscape - Page 002Challenge project using colors in the two crayons provided, blue and orange.

Lynne Landscape - Page 001Lynne took the “Woven Through Time” class at one my quilting retreats. In this class, I teach students a woven art quilt technique that is easy enough for beginners. The stunning photo that Lynne used is a church built into a canyon wall. What an awesome job and beautiful quilt she created!

Lynne Portrait - Page 001I love getting organization tips from the quilters!

Lynne Portrait - Page 002

Lynne Landscape - Page 003

Lynne Landscape - Page 004I hope you have enjoyed today’s featured quilter and will be inspired by her awesome work!

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