Painting a Barn Quilt Block (part two)

Last week, I took a Barn Quilt Painting Class at our local art center.

There were over one-hundred patterns to choose from but I already had my eye on an intricate quilt block, “Farmer’s Fancy”. I hope you enjoy seeing our progress while making this block.

Everyone who took the class had been trying to figure out how to paint a barn quilt of their own. I’m just curious—have you ever had a desire to paint one or do you wish you had one?  If so, I’d love to read your comments.

Most of the students who took the class don’t have a barn to hang their quilt on. One will be hung on a woodshed, another on a springhouse and ours will be displayed above the garage door.

IMG_20140416_023352This awesome man is my husband and he’s such a good sport to always tote and carry my stuff!





IMG_20140416_021104Jim, the “official taper”, was a big help.

IMG_20140416_015813This block is not finished but will be awesome!  I had more fun than should be allowed at the Barn Quilt Painting Class.

I hope you have enjoyed my “Barn Quilt Painting Class” blog series.

2 thoughts on “Painting a Barn Quilt Block (part two)

  1. thegoogs says:

    Love this!

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