Barn Quilt

I don’t think I can find the adequate words to express how excited I am about our upcoming class on painting and constructing a barn quilt!  I have wanted to do this for quite some time but didn’t know the exact steps to take for such an overwhelming project.  Here is a photo of the barn quilt that we’ll attempt to paint.  My husband and I absolutely love winding through the picturesque mountains of West Virginia to see barn quilts dotted across the country side.  Union County, West Virginia has over sixty barn quilts with more being added constantly.  The photo that I’ve posted is my favorite.  I’ll be posting more photos that will tell the story of our progress while painting our barn quilt.

Amy landscape - Page 005Jim stands in front of my favorite barn and barn quilt on a West Virginia Barn Quilt Trail, also known as Monroe County Rural Heritage Quilt Trail.

Amy landscape - Page 004Close up of the quilt block we will paint.  This will be an overwhelming project but Momma always said, “You can do anything you put your mind to” and she also said, “Can’t never could do nothing”.  So I’m going for it!

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