Organizing your Sewing Space

IMG_20140209_090940Do you ever wonder how to organize your sewing room? How do you keep all of your quilting supplies and fabric in an orderly fashion? I purchased an antique library card catalogue to organize my fat quarters in. It has 60 drawers and holds a lot of fabric. I love it! Each drawer is labeled. If I’m going to a workshop or class and plan to create a yellow and blue wallhanging, I grab the drawers labeled “yellow” and “blue” and I’m ready to go. I recently purchased a church pew and eventually I’ll organize bolts of fabric and other things on it. I walked into an adorable quilt shop that had their fabric displayed on church pews. I have a friend who has her cutting table on top of four, two-drawer file cabinets. What an awesome idea to have the drawers for storage under the cutting table, without too much expense. Another friend, Karen Brown, has some great ideas for her sewing cottage: plastic containers with fabric woven through the holes and basket/drawers.
Why are some of your organizational ideas for your sewing room or the space where you quilt?

2 thoughts on “Organizing your Sewing Space

  1. Quiltmouse says:

    I have an over-the-door 3-tier towel rack that I use to store my finished tops that are waiting for backing to be bought or pieced. That way I see them & they decorate my space.

  2. Great idea. Plus, it’s always nice to admire the quilts we have worked so hard on.

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