U CUT $10


So many trees to choose from!




“Here’s a cute little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.”



“How about this one? It’s nice and full for it’s size.”



“Do you think this one will fit in the living room?”



“Here it is. The perfect tree!”



“Cut in record time—27 seconds!”



 Camelia has always been intrigued with tractors and just had to get on the tractor.  This goes back to her mom driving a tractor.



Ruby Gardenhire driving a tractor.



Such a perfect Christmas tree!



Mr. Board and Jim putting a net on the tree.

U CUT $10

I grew up in the Texas Panhandle where trees are scarcer than hen’s teeth. Cutting our own Christmas was something I’d always dreamed of. On our first Christmas in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this dream finally became reality. With much excitement and great anticipate, we drove to a Christmas tree farm to cut our tree. The signs leading to the farm said, “U CUT $10.” 

I told Jim, “This must be for the tiny Charlie Brown trees and the larger ones will cost more.” 

When we arrived, the owner said, “It is real simple you pick your tree, I give you a saw, you cut it and they’re all $10.” 

It had been a long time since we had a real tree. Jim remembers buying trees when he was a kid in the 60’s and they were $25 at that time. I took gobs of photos and asked Mr. Board a lot of questions. We went through all the trees and finally made a decision on the most beautiful one. As Jim started to saw, I took his picture. The photo was not up to my standards since he was under the tree and I could not see him. He was so close to the ground that I decided to plop down on my belly and get “the perfect action photo.”  As I looked through the viewfinder and before I could get the camera into focus, the tree fell to the ground. So much for my perfect picture, plus I still had to work my way off the frigid, icy earth which I had become one with.

I told Jim, “Good night in the morning, I certainly thought it would take longer than THAT to saw down a tree.” He boasted about his fast tree sawing abilities and how he won a “sawing contest” when he worked in construction. The record to saw a board in half was 115 seconds. He broke the record at 27 seconds!  All the guys he worked with and especially the one he was in competition with were so furious at him that their mouths dropped to the ground and they turned around and walked off.

I told the owner of tree farm that I had a strange question for him and asked if I could cut some rhododendron leaves and pick tiny red berries that I found up in the woods, to use for a table arrangement. Mr. Board was generous and told me to take what I needed. When I asked him what we owned him, he refused to charge me anything for the leaves and berries. Jim tried to give him more, but he replied, “No, the tree is $10.”  

What a delightful afternoon we had at the tree farm as we enjoyed the smell of the fresh cut tree all the way home!

2 thoughts on “U CUT $10

  1. Quiltmouse says:

    Lovely! Jim looks the part of a woodsman!! What a wonderful family tradition. You have found a lovely tree farmer! The only problem live trees and children with allergies/asthma do not mix. So we have an artificial tree in the house. Some years we have had a real tree, but it lived on the front porch. So instead of seeing the decorated Christmas Tree in the living room through the front window, we saw the Decorated Christmas Tree on the Porch through the Living Room Window! Happy Decorating.

  2. Quiltmouse says:

    Just so you know – this is what the email notification I receive whenever you add to your Blog.


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