Quilting Tools Used for Other Purposes


I’m just curious—have you ever used quilting tools for other purposes?  I have and they really come in handy!  I use my rotary cutter, mat and quilting rulers for cutting paper.  Don’t cringe.  I have a rotary cutter for fabric and one for paper, same as my “fabric scissors” and “paper scissors”.

We live in the mountains where it gets really cold. For several winters, we nearly froze to death before installing our wood burning stove.  We have a heat pump but it does not keep us warm when the temperatures drop below freezing.  We installed the chimney ourselves.  When my husband needed to cut the square hole in the ceiling, he was stumped on how to get it perfect.  The ceiling is on a slope, which made it more complex.  I had an idea and drew a pattern for him with my quilting tools (rotary cutter, mat and quilting rulers).  I drew the pattern onto freezer paper (another item that I use for hand stitching needle turn appliqué) and had him pin it to the ceiling with my quilting pins.  It worked perfectly. 

Another tool in my sewing room that comes in handy when I’m canning is the magnetic wand that picks up pins.  I purchased a gadget at my local hardware store to pick up canning lids out of hot boiling water, but it did not do near as good of a job as the magnetic wand from my sewing room.

I’d love to hear your comments about what other purposes you use quilting tools for.

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